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We like... what we do for you. Every day, we work on bringing the best we can to you, because it'll make you happy - and what will make you happy will make us happy ;-). That means the best ingredients, the best products, and the best tips. We are proud to work with some of the best goods and greatest companies in the market, and we want to share that with you. So check out these links to our providers, or people we like - because they are just great. Goodness -- like happiness -- is always better shared.

All Things Cupcake


This is a great site if you have questions, concerns, or problems with your cakes and need some help... they are a fantastic forum of questions and answers and usually when you are stuck, this place will have quite a few of the answers. Go and take a look!





Belvoir is a british company based in the Belvoir Castle, in the gourgeous Lincolnshire countryside.  The founder's wife started making cordials in the seventies, infusing elderfowers and pressing fruits grown on the farm.  Since then, Belvoir has carried on infusing, pressing and cooking of fresh flowers, fruits and spices, which are then blended with sparkling Belvoir spring water to make what they call "Pressés". They're made from all-natural ingredients and contain nothing artificial so they taste natural, refreshing and delicious. We came accross these great tasting juices and couldn't pass up some of their great traditional flavors, such as their lemonade and ginger beer, as well as some of their more extra-ordinary flavors: Elderflower and Orange-Mandardin. Stay tuned to taste more of their orginal blends!



Cake Craft World


This place is the mecca when it comes to cake decorations... they have it all! From all the bits and bobs needed to make, bake and ice cakes, to the glitters and sparkles that go on the top, and all the hints to help you get it right first time around. We buy most of our cupcake decorations from this place, and trust you will do the same once you check out their site!



Feel Good


First of all, why WOULDN'T you buy something that is called Feel Good??! But actually, beyond the great name, here's why these are real "feel good" products. This is a series of fresh juices launched by Feel Good Drinks, a UK based company. The drinks are all natural fruit juices (still) with no added sugar (or sugar substitutes) and each one accounts for your 1 of 5 a day - so if you're one of us who is always struggling to fit them in, this is a lovely place to start! Feel Good also does their bit for the environment, moving to recycled materials where they can - which we LOVE!! Finally, the website is an experience all of its own, with its little animations and feel-good-ometer. Reminding you that feeling good, is an investment you should make, every day... M-Joy likes to feel good, that's for sure! ;-)





We loved this company because of where they came from... nothing... and where they are today, a few years later, with presence in over 40 countries worldwide!  An inspiration I'd say, straight from the heart of the UK.  What makes them so great? Original blends of fruit juices and natural botanical extracts with the infamous addage: nothing ARTIFICIAL!  We certainly buy into that one ;-).  Why a Firefly? Because the firefly shines in the dark just like the fantastic packaging of these juices as well as their great content.  Try one, and feel good about the choices you are making for yourself...



Lov Organic


Here's another company that seduced us first with their packaging, name and look, but them with the little treasure that resides within. Lov Organic, a daughter of Olivier Langlois the famous French tea company, is a line of fully organic teas. The flavors range from basic black, white or green teas, to all sorts of fruit, herb and flower mixtures (red berries, mint, jasmine, rose), and fantastic blends such as Lov is Pure, Lov is Good, and Lov is Zen. Here too, a great effort has been built into creating an all natural experience, with individual tea bags in the most natural cotton muslin, no dyes, no plastics. If you listen closely, you can hear the world sigh and say "Thank You"...





Mas Alto... For the higher grounds on which these Arabica coffees are grown, since these beans are grown in the high altitudes of Latin America. But also, for the high standards that this coffee company applies to how their coffee is grown, picked, and prepared for export and consumption. Masalto coffee is Rain Forest Alliance Certified, which is only the case of 1,3% of coffees available worldwide. The certification guarantees that the coffee is cultivated in plantations within preserved forest areas, where river, land, fauna and flora are unharmed; the plantation workers are treated with respect and paid decent wages, they are equipped with appropriate machinery and tools, and have access to education and health. These plantations are the pathway to a real sustainable agriculture. We applaud these efforts, and are proud to serve you this tremendous coffee... from a tremendous company.