About Us

So, where did M-Joy Cupcakes come from?


Ever wanted to travel back in time, to the days when wafts of vanilla, chocolate and cinnamon came floating out of grandma's oven, and where cakes were topped with luscious swirls of buttercream icing in the most beautiful shades imaginable?  M-Joy Cupcakes is about reliving that experience for some, and bringing it to those of you who never had that chance...


M-Joy Cupcakes emanated from a cake baking girl, Jo, who spent her childhood basking in the American culture, learning to break eggs and measure flour in kindergarten, then bringing home recipes to test them out on family and friends (First Grade Brownies!!), growing up on homemade pies and cookies (Alisha's chocolate chip cookies, the Adam family carrot cake, Jinny's southern biscuits), tasting great new things along the way (Nantucket BakeShop cinnamon buns, the Hummingbird and Magnolia Bakery's cupcakes,  and so many others...).


Her passion for all things sweet soon sent a little angel into her dreams suggesting she have her own little bakeshop, but for the longest time she never quite allowed herself to listen too closely.


Until one day, the time was right, there was love all about, a great man to solidify that dream, and a growing number of family, friends and fans to support the vision. And voilà!  Here we are, proud of our accomplishment and happy to be sharing it with you all!


So if you have that nostalgia, or like us, you have a sweet tooth, or if you have ever dreamed of something and thought it was out of reach, then meet us a heartbeat away, at M-Joy Cupcakes. 


Our signature shop is open in the heart of Waterloo, where you can come in any time of day and select one of our freshly baked homemade treats, to eat in or to take away and savor at home with your friends and loved ones....


Our Cupcakes Section of this website is where you will find our menu and pictures of some of our great treats. 

Our Recipes and Tips section is filled with great recipes we have picked up along the way and we wanted to share, as well as tips you can apply in your own kitchens...  


Make yourself at home.  This is homemade happiness...




M-Joy Cupcakes


Parking Libert
Rue François Libert, 19 Bte I
1410 Waterloo



+32 2 351 58 54





Opening hours


Open Tuesday to Saturday

10:00 am - 06:00 pm