Our Flavors


Every day, a fresh baked selection of cupcakes is available in our shop


We currently have a selection of 15 permanent flavors which can be ordered at any given time, for the next day.


Other flavors can pop in and make a guest appearance from time to time so check our Facebook page for information on these and when they are available!


If you want to know what cakes we have in the shop on a given day, or if we have any specials during the month, feel free to give us a call during open hours on +32 (02) 351.58.54.  Cupcakes can be ordered in advance in the shop or by telephone as well!


Permanent flavours

There are 16 permanent flavors which can be found all year round in our shop, and can be ordered at any time for the next day. Here is a list of those flavors.

Guest appearance flavors

These flavours will make guests appearances once in a while but are not available cotninuously.